Friday, August 10, 2012

Apartment Therapy

Looking for an apartment can really be a tough job. I finally feel as though I found the apartment that is right for me in Brooklyn. Well, right in that it is cheap and newly renovated and the thought of having a brand new kitchen makes me want to jump for joy! Oh yeah and the living space is great.. small rooms but it's New York, no one hangs out in their rooms too much. So, I am pretty excited of course about finding new things for my new spot. Here are some awesome finds that I would love to have. Moving is so exciting!

Illusion Bookshelf from Anthropologie.. invisible furniture just makes me happy!

Georgina Duvet Cover in Cream from Anthropologie

I used to have a pretty duvet like this and then it got destroyed, I think I'm entitled to a new one.. no?

Bau Pendant Light from A+R Store

Sirkler Pull Up Chair from Anthropologie

The pendant and chair match.. awesome!!

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