Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Perfect Day

What is a perfect day anyway? I mean for all of us it's different. For me, it's ever changing. a perfect day could be sitting by the pool with a pina colada, going on an adventure to an unknown place, going to the museum or simply eating at a new vegetarian restaurant and going to the goodwill to find buried treasures!! I've always loved a thrift store but recently my best friend Jakki had shown me all the great finds at the goodwill near her home in Connecticut. Being that we both die for little vintage vases with flowers in them, my collection of vases began as well as my obsession!! This look is so easy to create as well as cheap and fun, try it out in your own home!!

Oncewed has such amazing ideas like the one to the left, i just love it. Above is a wedding I did last summer inspired by pinks and little vases, so elegant and doesn't have to cost a lot.  

 Tried a new restaurant called ION (It's Only Natural) located in Middletown, CT is a gem.. had to try their vegan apple cider cupcake with ginger frosting.. so yum!!
Then off to the goodwill..
 Oooo Lala.. vintage mugs..
 Score some old records.. Steely Dan.. yes please!!
 Remembering VHS tapes.. seriously seems like forever a go!!

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  1. LOVING this post! Thanks for all the cool ideas and tips! Love you!!!!