Monday, January 16, 2012

total tree hugger

I spent my 4 years of college bundled up in the frost of Vermont. So, you can only imagine how big of a tree hugger I am!! When I went to Vermont one of the things that I loved about it and still do love are the trees. Growing up in Long Island, there weren't so many so, I really began to appreciate the beauty of them and the importance of them. Throughout the years, I somehow started getting more and more obsessed with all different kinds of trees, most of the pictures of me are of me in front of a tree. I mean, the photo just comes out so much more cool looking!! Anyway, in the dead of winter.. it can be hard to get inspired by something.. but if you look close enough, there is some profound beauty in the simplest of things.. has some amazing photographers.. check out CarlChristen Photography (above)
and EyePoetry Photography (below)

Some seriously chic ideas of how to use branches to decorate in any home..

                        anthropologie pillows...

West Elm tree branch coat hangers.. awesome!!

                                                             anthropologie wall art

i wasn't lying.. as seen below.. me in front of a tree!!!!(duh)
at the
Arches National Park in Utah.. totally amazing btw!!

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